Friday, May 1, 2015

MFT Wednesday Sketch Challeng #226

Hello all!

Today I'm inspired by the sketch challenge that's going on over at the MFT Challenge blog...boy do they have a good sketch this week!  When I saw the sketch, I was like, "yep! blueprints!" lol!!  I wonder if I'm the only crazy person out there that thinks of this stuff!  

Here's the sketch.....

I took some elements from the sketch this week and built upon it to make something slightly different, with a little touch of spring! The weather has still been hit or miss lately here, but I'm well over due for bright flowers and an airy feel! I also wanted to use some way, but I wasn't sure just how I was going to do that when I started.  I also had just white cardstock on my desk and decided that I was only using that and the vellum as my paper products.....I wasn't going to use patterned paper or any other solid papers.  All the colors that you see in my project today are MFT ink colors put on the white cardstock. 

There was one really big difference I noticed for the first time using die inks on the Recollections 120lb white card stock...which is what I use for my card bases....the cardstock has some kind of a slick, slippy surface.  Almost like its waxy.  When you put die ink on top of that, it doesn't want to absorb that great into the cardstock...which is reason why the bold stripes look streaky.  The solid colored circle, flowers and leaves look fine because I used regular lighter weight white cardstock for those!  I'll have to keep that in mind the next time I try this! It made a big difference and I almost wanted to start over, but kept plugging along! lol

Here are the supplies I used for this project....

That's all for today! I have you've enjoyed my project and I appreciate you stopping by!

Have a beautiful weekend! 

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