Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

With the holidays coming to an end, I'm honestly glad to say that not only am I sad to see them go (for my kids sake), but I'm glad that the hustle and bustle is coming to a close. I've honestly missed having the opportunities to create and craft!
Today I had some spare quiet time and felt the need to get back on the creating and posting wagon!

When I purchased this stamp from The Greeting Farm, I purchased it intentionally for a new year's greeting! I have a lot of wine friends and thought this would be perfect!

I'm not going to was a little rough getting back into the swing of copic coloring since I literally haven't done it in almost a month! But, I pulled thru it! This image helped a lot because she was easier to color than a lot of other TGF images :)

To see the full process, all the copic colors and products used, be sure to watch my YouTube process video below!

Thanks so much for stopping by!
I hope that you and your family have a happy, healthy and blessed new year to come in 2015!

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